For the customer whose box needs are complex or constantly changing in size or configuration, the Box On Demand supply chain is SIMPLER and more COST EFFECTIVE. Instead of the traditional box supply process where you order and store premade boxes, with Box On Demand you use BOD machinery and fanfold (corrugated cardboard) to make customized boxes as you need them.

Fanfolded corrugated is supplied to you in different sizes, is easy to store and is very efficient to use. The BOD machinery converts this fanfold into the boxes you need, in any size or style. Since you are able to eliminate wasteful filler material from each carton, Box On Demand allows you to improve the ecological impact of your packaging.

The Box On Demand system is simple and intuitive, and features quick set-up times which maximize production speed. You enjoy consistent corrugated costs, regardless of the configuration or quantity of boxes produced. Set-up charges and minimum quantity orders are eliminated, and lead times are drastically reduced. Box On Demand makes it easier for you to take control of your packaging process.



december, 2018

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