Who is Panotec

Since it was founded in 1986, Panotec has established market dominance through the quality of its products. It created and patented, for the first time, a new flexible on-demand box making system that allows to produce the right box, in the right place, at the right time.

The Panotec packaging machineries produce right sized boxes for every product out of corrugated cardboard, directly on the place of their use. This helps to avoid having working capital tied up in stock, reducing inventory costs, simplifying packaging management, as one can create his own cardboard boxes just in time, eliminating the volume of obsolete inventoried boxes. The storage space for corrugated material is therefore reduced, exactly like the time required for the handling of it. This saved time can be used to increase production and streamline the packing process.

Panotec Box Making Machinery & Equipment allow to create the most used FEFCO box models, as well as special customized boxes that are specifically created according to customer’s needs. Weather standard or special, each box fits perfectly the items to be packed as it is produced starting from products sizes, so to minimize the use of corrugate, reduce shipping costs and prevent items from being damaged during transport. However, cardboard fillers can also be produced with Panotec box on demand machines, in case extra protection is needed for products which need special care.

Panotec can find the best solution for every costumer, offering flexible, reliable technology and software that perfectly integrates with the customers’ WMS. Once the best solution is found, Panotec service department follows installation, training and after sales service. With a simple VPN connection, our engineers can connect to the customers’ machines and give instant help. This way, the 99% of issues can be solved thanks to a simple internet connection.

Our vision is to bring our made in Italy machines all over the world, giving our customers high quality products and cutting edge technology. We are ready to take up everyday challenges and to give immediate answers all over the world: as we put the care for our customers at first place!