Panotec Box on demand allows to choose the right sized packaging

If efficacy is the capacity of an action to produce an effect, effectiveness is the capacity to obtain the desired goal: this is our products prerogative.

Panotec Box on demand is a new packaging technology that allows to realize the right sized cardboard packaging for each product. With an user friendly software and the processing of cardboard fanfold, Panotec machines allow manufacturers and retailers to produce their own boxes, according to the sizes of the products to be packed.

Who chooses box on demand technology has to consider that there is no need to buy cardboard boxes from producers anymore, since packaging process can be managed autonomously and entirely on the production/packing site.

The implementation of Panotec packaging technology has many benefits, one of those is significant saving: in term of time, material and shipping costs. On the one hand the Panotec packing system minimizes damages during transport and reduces labor, on the other hand it increases throughput, sustainability and customers’ satisfaction.

A significant reduction in the consumption of corrugate and packaging material, not only reduces waste but above all lead to important savings in shipping costs, thanks to an almost complete elimination of void fillers and empty space inside boxes. Since each box perfectly fits the product, there is no need to use air pillows, Styrofoam blocks and other not biodegradable, polluting materials to fill the empty space inside the box. Furthermore, any additional protection which may be needed, can be produced out of cardboard, which is the most sustainable material, even when used as void filler.

Having the possibility to ship boxes without leaving empty space inside them, can drastically reduce the costs of package shipping. Shipping costs can’t indeed be ignored anymore, especially after major parcel freight carriers (i.e., UPS, FedEx) recently introduction of new pricing based on package size (rather than its weight) . Since it costs more to ship package, reducing the sizes of package to be shipped can be a key point in saving money.