The number of e-commerce buyers is constantly increasing. At the very beginning of this new kind of market, books were the main product, but then companies CEOs realized that electronic market could have been extended to every field of products. An example of this process is the American giant Amazon.com, whose first article sold was truly a book. Indeed, Amazon.com was at first an online bookstore, which has gradually grown and grown till becoming what today is, the world’s largest internet company (for a quite thorough reading, have a look at this article by The Economistclick here.

The first advantage of online shopping is that the price of products can be slightly or notably lower than in traditional retail stores. Another one, but in any case of big importance, is the possibility for the buyer not to be forced to go out, find a parking, fight her/his way through the crowd and then struggle to get the last item left on that shelf. This can put someone off doing that again. Instead, an e-shopper can just sit back on the sofa and buy the desired item with a click. After a pair-of-days wait it will be delivered at home, in a big, cumbersome box. Furthermore, full of plastic. Again, something is wrong, or at least old. It is old because now many advances have been made in this field in order to reach a better performance from many points of view. Right sized boxes allow less waste of space, a bigger stocking capabilityand more suitable and green-friendlier materials. These are only a few examples of custom-sized packages benefits.

Companies are now becoming aware of the vast possibilities of this system, making the demand of personalized cutting machinery increase with a consequent deeper research for the creation of precise equipment that meet higher customers’ needs. High precision machines allow companies to save money, because right size boxes do not require a massive use of void filler; moreover, the products take up less space in transport units and are lighter than in the past. These machines’ high flexibility and modularity allow the creation of custom-made boxes, using innovative cutting and creasing units. Some models include a touch screen where operators can draw the desired box and others offer customers a wide range of already-designed packages in their software. Another feature of new equipment is a new way for sealing right sized boxes, using innovative technology and materials that have better performances, both for FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) codes and for personalized items. According to recent statistics, packaging industry is now using materials containing a higher percentage of recycled components and furthermore they have a lower weight than 10 years ago.