There is a word you hear more and more in the marketplace nowadays, and that word is related to how the world market is changing. The market is now driven by the smart phones that guarantee a constant connection to the web at all times. In this way people are online as much as they are connected to the real world.


E-commerce retailers are keenly aware of this and continue to organize their supply chains to supply anything, in any place, in the shortest amount of time. This is the on-demand economy.  In this new reality, customer satisfaction is increasingly dependent on the retailers’ ability to deliver on demand. Positive ratings and reviews of their service are critical for continued success.


When products are delivered to the customer, they are typically packed in an outer corrugated case. These containers are usually oversized and full of paper void fill or air pillows attempting to keep the product from becoming too loose within the box.


Retailers have begun to see consumers leaving negative feedback not about the product, but about the packaging in which it showed up. Typical complaints are that the box was too large, contained non-recyclable fillers, or was wasteful (and environmentally unfriendly).


In order to address these packaging concerns, online retailers have been turning to Panotec and Box On Demand to change the way they ship their products. Instead of oversized containers, with a Box On Demand solution they can pack each delivery in an environmentally friendly, recyclable carton that fits perfectly around the contents inside. This improves product protection, reduces void fill usage, and improves customer satisfaction with the delivery experience.