In the growing market of the  e-commerce  one of the stresses is put on how the goods have to be delivered. For quite a long time, it has been plenty of big and bulky boxes, which had to be stacked in curious puzzles. One of the cons of those old corrugated boxes is, beside the space waste, the huge employment of plastic material in order to keep wares safe. This has two results: on the one hand, more space is required for the transportation, on the other hand more plastic is needed to fill the void, therefore the size of the warehouse must be bigger and bigger due to the growing quantity of  packaging material, that steals space to the primary selling objects.

Moreover, this stuff is significant in the increase of pollution, because it is usually non-biodegradable and thus creates a consistent quantity of waste to be disposed. For example, once the buyer gets his/her good, all the  packaging material  has to be thrown away, and this affect nothing else but the environment.

Indeed we all know how environmental damaging plastic is. Recapitulating, with the old-fashioned way of packaging  we  squander space, plastic, money  and last but not least, we spoil our planet.
Thanks to market surveys, and nonetheless, to the increasing request of a better  packaging system, now e-commerce industry can rely upon the service of  On Demand Packaging. It provides  custom-cut packages, which allows a more accurate employ of space, material and consequently money. The machines used in this process are able to fulfill the needs of the target thanks to their  modular components, which provide a wide range of possibilities depending on the single product.
They give operators accurate instructions so that the  resulting box  is as much precise as feasible. With a  Box  On Demand  service it is possible to save up to 40% on  transported air, which means an  optimization of the space. Customer size boxes  take up less space in warehouses and can be produced just at order time, eliminating stock material. Other positive effects are considerable  savings in terms of fuel  and  less air pollution  because of the reduced number of trucks involved.
In addition,  On demand packaging system  has a  green consciousness, it uses indeed  more sustainable  materials (less plastic  derivatives) and a smaller quantity of  void fillers, making the  packaging branch  totally  eco-friendly. Using less plastic permits to produce less  polymeric materials, which are  dangerous  and very polluting, and in this way there is a reduced contribution to the depletion of ozone layer.