The market place is changing at speed of light. Now a days more and more people are buying online any product at any time of the day. This means the online distributor, retailers, logistics do need many different boxes of any size.

This is turning into a problem more and more and the other issue which is also an important matter is handling and repacking the returns.

Panotec with their machineries for box on demand and together with the support of integrated equipment can supply the right solution for any online e-commerce business.

There are more companies that do need this type of equipment, such as for instance international groups trading medical products (i.e.:) medtronic in the e-medical business, or amazon in the e-commerce business. An online retailer such as next in the uk has decided to implement the newest technology of to create a box really on demand from Panotec in Italy in order to create a centre of excellence to repack all their goods that are returned back.

In this way, when you create the packaging of the right size for your returned good, they can be sold at a market price since the packaging will look great again.

The other reason to have a box on demand machine is to make a right size box and stop drastically the shipment of air and void fills. this materials do have an incidence in the packaging costs between 60% and 90%.

Having a box that fits exactly around your product it is the solution to avoid all the management costs of holding stock of die cut boxes, of fillers, plastic bubbles and all these materials not at all friendly to the environment and to the cost controlling process.

Implementing an equipment inside the production process that can help to streamline all the human resources and render their work more efficient it is a must now a days, in this way there will not be any more time delay between having the goods ready to be packed and not having the box ready to pack them up.

The available technology in the market today can be installed right next to packaging process, it can be integrated with any wms already existing and it can provide a box of the right size to the packer that will save time and money with a click.

The future of packaging will more and more need a solution such as BOD equipment, in order to control costs, space and enhance the customer satisfaction.