The importance of having box on demand technology

There are many kinds of packaging materials used to pack products and prepare them for shipment, however not all of them are effective.

Let’s see together the most widespread packaging trends:

  • Furniture producers usually pack their products in shrink wrap, using Styrofoam blocks to protect corners. This sometime requires big machineries, which can contain huge panels.

The use of this machines also involves significant costs in electricity and oblige to purchase expensive, polluting materials that hardly can be recycled or at least reused.

Furthermore this packaging system doesn’t provide a solution to the impossibility of stacking odd-shaped products on pallets.

  • Many others use bubble wrap and stretch film around the products, just adding some foam when extra protection is required. This is another expensive, non-sustainable and above all ineffective way to pack products.

  • It also happens that this badly wrapped products end-up in oversized boxes, or in manually cut cardboard pieces secured with adhesive tape, creating unconvincing cases, which do not fit the product and do not guarantee adequate protection. This is the reason why many products get damaged during transport and became returned goods.

Packaging is often considered a secondary issue, a non-influential matter that can be neglected.

Panotec knows this belief is wrong and can show you the importance of having a dependable packing system, based on box on demand technology, which allows to produce a right-size box for every product.

With Panotec packaging machineries you will be able to eliminate all expensive, polluting materials and save on packaging costs, without threaten the protection of your products during transit.

We can show you that choosing Panotec packaging technology is to invest money to save money!