From Box on demand to Q-Box

Companies currently using Box on Demand system are already aware of the numerous advantages of this system: elimination of inventoried box, reduction on package and shipping costs, elimination of void fillers and many more. If you add an innovative software that optimizes the products volume in the right sized box produced with a BOD machine, you will get the perfect solution to cut the new DIM weight costs and save +30% money.

What if there was a software able to help you to produce the smallest box to ship your product analyzing its volume? Well, this does exist and its name is Q-box. It is a cubing software that allows customers to calculate the smallest, right sized shipping box for one or more products. Thanks to a Web Map Service it receives via Webservices the order data from customer WMS with the list of products to be shipped. Q-box analyses the volumes of each product of an order and calculate the dimensions of the optimum shipping box to contain them. It then sends this information to the box on demand machine that produces the box.

In addition Q-Box shows in a monitor the right products picking sequence to the operator during the packing process, avoiding any type of mistake. Doing that the operator can also verify if he filled in the box correctly and if all the items are in the right position.

Companies choose Q-box software to speed up their packing process, to save on shipment costs and packaging costs. It has been proved that this system allows to save up to 60% on transport costs, to drastically reduce the exceeding air inside the box but above all, to eliminate completely the void fillers and transport damages. The natural consequence is a better service to the customers who receive their products perfectly packed, in a 100% recyclable package, with no damages.

And 100% happy customers is the most important result and goal for every company!