BOX ON DEMAND FOR AMAZON was founded in 1995 in Seattle and it is the #1 selling e-tailer in the world. They started selling books online and CD, then they expanded their product range to electronic items, clothes and much more and to date they serve 137 million customers a week. These data perfectly show the necessity to improve customers satisfaction, through competitive strategies and better services. Thanks to Panotec system this process has been improved toward a high quality package, quick and cost-effective shipping.
That’s why speed, saving and care are three distinguishing words for this company. These three expressions are not only ideas, but also keywords that became reality thanks to the new Box on Demand system.

This solution allows them to save not only in terms of time but also in packaging costs. In fact, with the high technology of Box On Demand system, there is no need to use void fillers, such as packing peanuts, and other cushioning materials. In addition the amount of cardboard used by the machine is only the quantity needed to create the right sized box, the square meters are already optimized to produce only the boxes they need. And last but not least, a right sized box that perfectly fits the product inside also better take care and protect it from damages during transport, ensuring intact products delivered to their customers.
Amazon has now more than 20 Box on Demand machine all over the United States, and more than 4 machines between the UK and German sites. With BOD system they are able now to pack those products that didn’t have a specific box before, due to their big or awkward sizes, and also the returned goods.
Amazon estimated that the cost reduction is about 40% and the return of investment has been already achieved.